How Can doTERRA Help Me?

At doTERRA, we’re firm believers that if you give your body what it needs, it will thrive.

doTERRA, translated to “gift of the earth” in Latin, provides you with products that offer simple, safe, and natural solutions you can rely on to care for every element of your health and wellness. From managing stress to supporting immunity, doTERRA has a product for everyone, no matter what aspect of health you’re looking to address.

Millions of people around the world have experienced the powerful benefits that essential oils have to offer, which is why doTERRA is a leading brand in the health and wellness field. We’re revolutionizing the way families and individuals support their health.

Whether you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up of motivation, a sense of calm, or anything in between, there’s an essential oil that can help. Join me during Live to find out what role essential oils can play in your wellness and self-care routine!

Together, We’ll Customize Your Wellness Plan

During this webinar, it’s my goal to be an advocate for you. First, we’ll discuss what steps should be taken to create a well-rounded strategy for stepping up your healthcare game plan. Next, we’ll decide what kind of doTERRA products can play a beneficial role in improving your journey on your way to optimum health.

Far too often, when we’re feeling out of sorts, we’re given a pill filled with artificial, laboratory-concocted ingredients to solve the problem. I decided to put this webinar together because I believe that people should have full knowledge and access to the safe and natural solutions that essential oils have to offer. Whether you’re not getting enough sleep, not drinking enough water, looking for ways to calm your mind, energize your day, boost your immunity, or detoxify your body - I’ve got a product to help.

During our time together, we’ll talk about YOUR priorities and goals that you have for yourself and your loved ones, then provide you with solutions to help you achieve wellness, your way.

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The Science Of Essential Oils

If you’ve ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. Essential oils are the naturally-occurring volatile compounds found in seeds, stems, roots, bark, and flowers of plants. These compounds give plants their distinctive smells and can also help protect them and help them thrive. In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants, essential oils have been used by humans for thousands of years for food preparation, beauty treatment, and health-care practices.

Volatile compounds change quickly from their solid or liquid state to a gaseous state, which allows the small organic molecules to move quickly through the air and interact directly with olfactory sensors in the nose. These sensors, when triggered, can influence emotion and mental state.

Think about it, is there a particular smell that brings back memories or has the ability to completely change your state of being? Maybe it’s the scent of a freshly mowed lawn, the smell of freshly baked bread, or getting a deep breath of ocean air. Those emotions that come rushing in is proof of the olfactory sensors at work.

Learn more about the science behind essential oils during this webinar!

I Can’t Wait to Get Started on Monday, May 20th at 10:00 am EDT!